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2006 mustang GT 5spd
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Lil Cruizer said:
So I guess I just have to clean it up and drive like that...THis car is little by little becoming more of a pain in the ass.

Fuck it I'll get something better and faster next summer...Maybe an EVO 10 or something that I dont have to Supercharge to be fast. Hopefully that new AWD eclipse is out I wouldnt mind getting that....

I'll just turn this RSX into an ALL out yea I'm kidding. I'll run high mid 12s with no power steering and call it a day lol.
yeah this car is certainly a pain in the ass. in the last six months, my car has been up and running for maybe 1-2. if it's not the belt shredding, or an oil leak, it's something else. always something.
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