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Ground Controls Coilovers + Koni Shocks

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Whatsup Guys. I seached and didnt find anything that would help me. I have a friedn that is selling his set up of ground countrol coilovers+ koni yellows. Thing is, he's had it on his car for about 2 Years, so I'm sure they arent in the best condition. He told me though, that the koni's have lifetime warranty, and he's willing to give it to me for $250. Currently, I'm on Tein Stechs w/ stock shocks. I'm pretty sick of this soft ride, and being able to feel every bump. Will the GC+Koni combo be much firmer? And does it sound like a decent deal? Sorry for not researching a little better, but this is what CRSX is for! Thanks alot for any help guys :thumbsup:
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The Koni's have lifetime warranty but it might only apply to the original purchaser. I would check into that. You might just need the original receipt.

As far as ride being firmer, it depends what spring rates are included. The rates could be close to the springs you have now, but you can get pairs of springs from ground control at whatever rate you want. And of course the damping on the Konis can be adjusted to match whatever spring rates (within reason) you choose.
koni's with ground control are a great setup, the spring rates work in unison with the koni's valving, which is the biggest fault when people slap random springs with koni's. They are NOT popular on these boards. They are very popular with the g3 integra, please go search on, you will find much more info there. I'm not even sure if there is an application for the DC5... the only thing I don't like about them is ride height is dependent on spring length.
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