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Anyone have any news when this will release? Or be made? The only source I could find was at and i read that it would come out by the end of march.:confused:

Here is the direct link:

Quick info from what i read::coffee:

Owner/creator...6SPD DA6
Project...still in process
DA...right hand drive/fabbed basically everything himself/cleanasfawk:run:
Clearance issue...Don't know the measurment but he claims it sits very closely to the ground. Hood still hasn't been made to cencern yet.
Experience...***** fabbed his mounts then created his harness.. twice.
This the shiz:bow:

Pics from the thread. Hope they dont mind

Anyways, if anyone here has any info on the hasport k20 swap mounts for the integra 90-93
please share!:pray:

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Innovative make some mounts for the car but not for K-swaps :(
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