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Hello and welcome to the Hawaii For Sale Section. This is where members can sell, buy, and trade items locally, all shipping related can go into the market place for better results. To keep things short and simple, I'll get to the point of this thread...

1) Please no resale of new product(s) or solicitation by salvage yards, by unauthorized dealers, manufacturers, or parts-flippers is strictly forbidden and may result in being banned from this site, group buys are also not allowed. Authorized vendors may post in the classifieds and can be identifed by their username in dark orange. If you are interested in becoming an authorized vendor, please contact [email protected]

2) You must have picture(s) of the item(s) being sold, also something with your username and date of when the thread was created has to be included somewhere next to your part(s). This is to prove you have the item(s) on hand and ready for pickup. No linking to craiglist/ebay/facebook/etc, the info needs to be in your for sale thread

3) State in your thread a location and a price, no testing water threads because these usually gets out of hand. Unless you only want to trade, a price must be listed. Again this is for local pickup only, shipping will be moved to the market place.

4) If you have multiple items, group them into one and title it as a part out, garage sale, lots of items, etc instead of making a ton of threads for each. Be considerate to other members and not cover this entire section just for your things.

5) You are allowed two bumps a day, but please do not whore or use the thread as a place to chat/troll/bs because it will be closed and those involved will be penalize. Once an item or everything has been sold, please edit your post and we can close the thread.

6) The rules of the forum still apply here like they do everywhere else, please read if you are not familiar with them here

7) Use the report button if you see anything out of place or something that requires our attention, a moderator or admin will address it as soon as they can.

Club RSX neither accepts nor implies any responsibility for any transaction handled here. It is your responsibility to be a smart shopper, you can refer to a members iTrader to help you feel more comfortable doing business with them. Above all, use your own judgment "if it's too good to be true, it probably is"
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