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Head gasket replaced no start

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Hello all,

I replaced my head gasket (battery disconnected before the project) and put everything back together, now it wont start. It will crank but I do not hear the fuel pump priming, no immobilizer light (all other lights turn on the dash) and no spark. I changed out the fuel pump relays because when I start to crank I hear a lot of buzzing in the glove compartment from all three relays. I checked the fuel pump 15a fuse and fuse 9 ECU, non were blown. Also, when I connect kpro, it shows off line when ignition on acc. When I crank the car kpro shows online but goes offline once the cranking stops. Wth. My grounds are on point and tight (injector ground is on the valve cover bolt). This was my first time attempting to start after the head gasket was replaced. Please help, I never need to post because of all the information out there but after hours of research nothing helped. Thanks in advance.
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