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Headlight repair

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I have an '02 Type S that I just revived after sitting in my garage for 8 years. There's an old OEM headlight in my garage. It was broken internally from an accident, but I don't remember what's the problem. Is there anywhere I could take this light to see if it can be fixed? A new one cost so much!
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I'll post some pics this weekend. My car story is pretty crazy. I wish I had documented everything I just did. I moved to Japan 8 years ago, and just returned a few months ago. I left my 02 Type S sitting in a garage. When I got back, I revived her with a new gas pump, battery, oil change and some used tires. I also got the windshield replaced and both windows fixed. Now to the lights...almost twenty years ago, I got some Catz HID's installed. They are awesome, but the guy who put them in chopped the oem wiring up. I got in an accident a long time ago, and one of the HID's stopped working, and for some reason, insurance only replaced one headlight with the working hid. So now, I have one beautiful clean, working light, and one yellowed light with only high beem working. I bought the black fits replacments, and I have a buddy of mine sending me another HID bulb from Japan. I also have a guy who's going to come to my spot and restore the oem light for $55. Then, when I receive my HID bulb, I'm going to go to my shop and have my mechanic install the new bulb for $150 bucks and pray it works and it's not the ballast. SORRY for the long ass email haha. Pics coming next.
$150 for a bulb install? Hrmm...that seems like something you could DIY...
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