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Headlight repair

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I have an '02 Type S that I just revived after sitting in my garage for 8 years. There's an old OEM headlight in my garage. It was broken internally from an accident, but I don't remember what's the problem. Is there anywhere I could take this light to see if it can be fixed? A new one cost so much!
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you may have to go aftermarket. you could also upgrade your "look" a bit. Mine were getting severely weathered and I used a restore kit, that did not last. If you were to try opening them up to do a repair they probably won't seal again? Then you will have water/ mist, condensation whatever in there. But you can try.
I appreciate the response. That's what I figured. I bought some black fits to replace the OEM, but they're cheap, and I don't want to replace them in the future. I have one very clean light, and one yellow. I'm going to sand it down and see what happens!
The thing you can do, and what I did was bought some well rated knockoffs and used clear silicon around the mating surface between clear lens and the back molding. Getting into all nooks and cranny's. I reused the factory bulb fixtures with some disco bulb globes. Now I'm so pimpin' the cops don't even pull me over. Be that as it may with the sanding make sure to seal it with wax.
Thanks boss. I got some black fits off of eBay. Some good reviews by those who did what you suggested. Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by reusing the factory bulbs with disco bulbs? I'm gonna sand and seal the OEM one, and if it doens't look up to par, I'll do the coating on the knockoffs.
:devilish: I was teasing about the disco bulbs, I have issues. Don't use the bulb recepticles that come with the new housings. Reuse the factory parts.You may have to de-burr the new housing's of casting flash, nothing major just clean em' up before install. That is when or if you do. Best of luck what didn't work for me might for you. People are out to get me.....
You got me with the disco bulbs 😂😂 I'll resure the factory parts, or just pony up the $400 for a new OEM haha. Appreciate the insight as always.
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Your issues are not the end of the world! I just found the aftermarket recepticles to be cheesy ? With sealing so far so good for me. If you can get them (oem) it's a small price to pay to bring it back. If you have time some picks would be nice. It's not everyday that an RSX is considered a "barn find" but it's getting to be that way. Thank you, a guy I know brought one back to respectable form, then sold it. He now counts that as a big mistake. It's paid for, you own it and it's not like you have to feed it and tuck it in every night. :cool::D
I'll post some pics this weekend. My car story is pretty crazy. I wish I had documented everything I just did. I moved to Japan 8 years ago, and just returned a few months ago. I left my 02 Type S sitting in a garage. When I got back, I revived her with a new gas pump, battery, oil change and some used tires. I also got the windshield replaced and both windows fixed. Now to the lights...almost twenty years ago, I got some Catz HID's installed. They are awesome, but the guy who put them in chopped the oem wiring up. I got in an accident a long time ago, and one of the HID's stopped working, and for some reason, insurance only replaced one headlight with the working hid. So now, I have one beautiful clean, working light, and one yellowed light with only high beem working. I bought the black fits replacments, and I have a buddy of mine sending me another HID bulb from Japan. I also have a guy who's going to come to my spot and restore the oem light for $55. Then, when I receive my HID bulb, I'm going to go to my shop and have my mechanic install the new bulb for $150 bucks and pray it works and it's not the ballast. SORRY for the long ass email haha. Pics coming next.
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Thanx so much for sharing. All cars have a story, the more years that go the more the story grows. Not all good sometimes. I will spare you mine for now I've owned my Type S since 2006 It's an 03. I first saw one at the Chicago Motor Show, looked at my then wife and we agreed we must have one! At the time we had a 92 integra. I could go on and on, on both fronts. In the interest of your RSX the show here must go on. BrutalB83 is correct. A buck fifty is out an outrage! :devilish: The drivers side, remove the battery, there is a clip that you slightly lift and move to the side. I believe it's to the right as I recall. The bulb keys in, I believe it's counter clockwise to remove? (been awhile) You should slightly push in as there's a rubber o-ring seal. Lube the new seals slightly with dialectric grease/ small service pack of break lube will work also. You can practice on your existing in hand housing??? I urge you to attempt this. YOU CAN DO IT. The passenger side a little more cramped. You can litteraly lift the P/S reserver out of the way if need be. The lights bolt in to a bracket ten millimeter comes to mind with an extension.
You can get repair kits for the light lens for 20 bucks +/- to make a go of it. It can be done on the car even. I can't imagine this gentlemen has anything better? There may be other "wives tail" ways you can goggle. Vinegar comes to mind?? Try not to touch the element of the bulb, where Dr's gloves if feasable. I always grab a hand full as a parting gift. Sometimes I take my mechanical ability for granted. I just think you can do it. If not o.k. I have a good vocab but my spellings for s**t? Keep us posted as this also helps others to know if anyone of us said anything that did the trick for you! Peace and enjoy the weekend. Cold as a witches tit here. Hope this lengthy responce hit a nerve somewhere?
Sorry for the late response. That's so cool you and your wife decided on your Type S at the Chicago auto show. I also remember seeing a Type S at the DC auto show! I finally got up to taking some pics of my ride. I'll be honest, I'm not very good with cars. I don't mind working on my car with a capable friend 🤣 This light also needs some splicing for the new hid bulb, which I definitely can't do. I'm getting the headlight restored this weekend. I do agree with $150 being a lot for something I could do. I was hoping you guys could help me with my bumper fitment issues. The front left side is not flush. I was in an accident and had to get the front lip replaced a couple decades ago. Man, your technical skills are impressive! Thanks again for your time.
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Hey guys! Sorry for the late reply. My kids keep me busy haha. Thanks for replying about the headlight. I am still trying to decide what to do about mine, because I have an HID kit, with one bulb or ballast out, and the oem wiring has been chopped. I was wondering about the black fit replacements we've been talking about. Moho, do you think I can achieve OEM fitment with the aftermarket cheap ones? Also, I was wondering if I should try and do something with my transmission in regards to maintenance? Clutch is super smooth, but I was wondering if I could do anything to keep it this way. Also, my air conditioner smells like mold from the car sitting for 8 years, and it's not blowing cold air. What should I do first?

I appreciate your time and insight!
Thank you for your detailed post! I have two little kids, and my five year old is not a fan of my type s lol. I drive as slow and steady as I can. The family car is coming soon, but I just can't sell my RSX! I'm going to check for smells and switch out the lights. Great advice! As far as the AC conversion kit, will the kit tell me if I have a leak? I will buy the kit with the gauge, and hope for cool air! The heat works well, but man it's getting warmer by the day!
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