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Heart breaking news I’m sure some can unfortunately relate to.

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Let me start by saying I’ve never made an account but been frequently reading through these threads throughout the years. All of your guys knowledge on here has helped not only me but I’m sure plenty of others who come looking for answers, so thank you.

I should mention I’ve owned an ‘02 RSX Type S and most recently My baby, an ‘06 RSX Type S.

Here’s the sad story which I’m sure for those reading are waiting for.
After a shitty down pouring rainy night, my wheels lost traction on a double S shaped backroad and next thing I knew, I was headed right into a guard rail. The insurance finally got back to me after about a week now and gave me the heart breaking news that I totaled my dream car.
My 73k miles, not a speck of rust, OEM, maintained, dust&rust free engine bay, Nighthawk Black Pearl 2006 RSX Type S is gone. Feels like I just lost a child. I’m sure there are some people here who can relate when I say, I don’t see myself in any other car or even wanting to drive one. I loved this car more than anything and that saying “it’s just a car” damn sure isn’t true.
I’ve been looking high and low, website to website, everywhere this past week in hopes to find another one again even if it doesn’t have the same mileage mine had and the searches are coming up dry.

before the older members on this forum get upset for this not being posted in the WTB/WTS section possibly, I do apologize

So with that being said, if anyone on here is looking to sell or knows somebody personally looking to sell a RSX type S (preferably a 2006 model) please please PLEASE do not hesitate to message me or follow up on this thread.

I appreciate any feedback or comments and would just like to say despite my tragic event, I love this community and nothing beats sitting behind that integra steering wheel.

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I appreciate any feedback or comments
This is a damn shame. My heart felt as to your search for a replacement. Shit I had a hard time getting the 03' I wanted in 06' I would've taken any year. Don't sell yourself short, keep looking, you'll be disapointed if you "settle". I almost did...
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