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Heating issue

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Hi everyone, I am new in this forum. I have been reading this forum for a long time and i now finally a member. i hope I ask the right questions so someone can help me out. I just picked a 06 rsx type s a few months ago and she is sitting on my friends driveway. I just found out that there is no Heat. I came across that there is a plastic that looks like a servo harness that broke off underneath the dashboard on the driver side which has a piece of rod that controls the blenddoor. Can anyone tell me where I can get the plastic part? Do I have to buy the whole unit? Thanks you in advance on any inputs.


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I recently had issues with my actuator not moving fully in either direction. The fix for my issue was to remove the two moving gear/pieces, cleaning them up and adding more grease to the meshing parts. I was dreading it being the blend door itself, but once I removed the 2 parts, I could spin the gear for the blend door effortlessly.
Oooh, envy! My '05 Type S has same issue, so did exactly the same as you, but to no avail. My blend door is extremely difficult to move. I've no idea what is jamming it up, but it absolutely will not move freely. Worked fine for years, then suddenly...

I'm in SoCal High Desert where summertime temps are typically triple digit, and winters get below freezing. Removing the bloody dash to get to the blend box is just not worth the trouble (at least to date) as I typically run the AC all summer and heat only in winter.

When it's time to switch, I slide under the driver's side dash and with key on, turn the temp control to either full heat or cold, then manually twist the blend door gear to "help it along"... It does not move easily, but does move. PIMA, lol... One day I'll sort it all out properly.
Maybe the hing where the door attached to the heater unit needs a little cleaning and some fresh white lithium grease?
Hmmm... You see the two white plastic bits in Baileysims's photo above...? The piece with the gear teeth meshes with a small gear mounted on the end of the blend door shaft. The best I could manage was to try to squirt some WD-40 behind the gear and onto the shaft - in hopes that perhaps the shaft was seizing up and preventing the blend door from moving easily - but unfortunately it did nothing to free it up. It's all I can do to twist the gear with my thumb and forefinger. No idea why it suddenly became reluctant to turn last year, it's always worked fine since new.

I did first remove the two pieces Baileysims removed, and likewise carefully cleaned, greased then reassembled (along with the WD-40 shot in the dark) but nope... When I turn the temp control knob to either full heating or cooling, the drive motor will move the assembly only a few degrees before the meshed gears begin slipping with an audible "pop, pop, popping" noise.

Only way I can get either full heating or cooling is by "helping it along" by hand, which means lying on my back with legs out the driver's door, and with key on, reaching up and twisting the temp control knob this way or that with one hand, while likewise twisting the blend door shaft gear with my other.

Since it's usually either really hot or really cold where I live, I do the manual "switch" beginning of the season and just live with it. Honestly only takes about 45 seconds, but still a PIA, lol. One day I'll sort it out... Thanks for the suggestion, btw, but this assembly is located immediately under the center dash and I see no way of opening up the blend box shy of removing the entire dashboard first in order to even get to it.
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Maybe try using a scope camera to get a closer look at things?

That's an interesting idea, thanks. I've been wondering if possibly something might've dropped down into one of the dash vents and is interfering with the blend door movement. Would be nice if a scope could actually let me "see" down in there to get an idea of what's hanging things up.
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