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Hello guys/gals. A member from your forum came over to mine and asked about a meet he heard about and i figured i'd invite who ever wants to come to come up and hang with us. Were a open group and are about all cars not just our own. I hope people dont come flame as this is a friendly invite.

Offical 3rd Annual SMG Meet W/Dyno & BBQ

Thats right, SMG will be hosting another great Meet. Open to ANYONE, ANY CAR. This time, the dyno will be IN HOUSE at SMG. No need to cruise down the road and cause many backups as before :lol:. BBQ as well, and its Bring your own meats/drinks.

There will not be any tunning availble this time around. It just takes too much time and we wont be able to get everyone in. You MUST pay before being dynoed. You can either pay that day in cash, or pay now up until that day via paypal. Dyno prices are $50 Cash, or $55 paypal. 2-3 Runs per person with A/F. If you would like to schedule a time to get tunning done, Please call SMG @ 508-244-4225.

PM Me with any questions or for paypal info.

May 16th, 2009 <-- NEW DATE

SMG Motoring
60C Mellen St.
Hopedale, MA 01747

Just ask if you have any questions :) Hope this is a friendly forum haha as i really like some of the rides the members have here.

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dammit i just dynoed my car last week for $75! LOL

i might go to hangout if the turnout is supposed to be good

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Might be hard to do this on the same day as a HIN sponsored event.. closer to Boston.. plus they also have a dyno for free
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