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Hello everyone noob here to this forum

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Hello, all my fellow Honda Acura enthusiasts and fanboys. I'm mike from Amish country MD. Came here from some other big forums I'm a member of to search and find more information on the K-series engine, EP3, and RSX Type-s Chassis.
I have been working and modfiingHondas sense like 1999 have owned CRXs, multiple civics EG, EK mainly and more Integras than any others. Currently, have 1995 Integra LS all stock rust-bucket for daily, my 96 Integra LS with k20a2 5 speed, and my 2003 Acura RSX Type-s which is going to be my new daily come summer 2022. Thanks for having me Club RSX and I hope to meet and maybe help a few who as in most forums cant search. I'm here to help where I can and make some new friends maybe even meet a few at events near me. All the Maryland/Pennsylvania people where you at.

Below is my pride and enjoy my 1996 Integra LS k20a2 /5speed. running RBC intake manifold, Karcepts fuel rail/ throttle body adapter, type-s throttle body stock injectors, -6AN fuel lines, AEM 340lph pump, all stock besides arp head studs and drag cartel crank gear & chain guard, Ktuned swap header, no cat, 2/5" exhaust, manual steering rack, Hondata kprov4 Autometer 30-4110 wideband, glow shift gauges oil press/oil temp, coolant temp. Koyo k-swap radiator.

Future summer 2022 Turbo sidewinder or top mount manifold, front mount intercooler 44mm wastegate
change fuel lines to -8AN fuel feed and -6AN PTFE to run e85 Goal is 450-500hp on 91pump but if al else run e85
make some power.

1996 Acura Integra K20a2 Silver and 2002 RSX Type-S Blue swapping k20a/5peed

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