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As stated, my 06 "base" RSX calls for premium fuel but as far as I can tell the only mods on it are a type S exhaust, cold air intake and type S badge(adds 40 horsepower). As you have probably guessed I'm not the original owner. Also hearing a few noises I don't like for instance when I'm accelerating through first and second I sometimes hear this knocking and the car is "stutter stepping" as if I were tethering the gas pedal but it never stalls or poops out on me. After I type this I'm checking the cars oil levels and the ECU to see if it's a K-pro, the oil may explain knocking and the K-pro would explain the sticker calling for 91-93 octane fuel. Of course I could get knocking from the fuel too but a CAI and cat back can't change my compression levels that much... Can it?
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