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Help finding wheel adaptors please

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Hello I’m new to cars I just got into modifying my rsx a few months ago and bought some nice wheels for my 2005 acura rsx base. They won’t mount and I don’t know enough about this stuff to figure out the right adapter to buy. The new wheels were mounted on a 2006 acura tsx. If someone Could tell me the right adaptors to buy I’d be super grateful. Thank you!
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Hrmmm. Are you sure they were on a TSX? Should be the same bolt pattern, 5 x 114.3.
Thats what I thought. They new wheels are 17s and I’m running 16s rn. The new ones are so close to matching up. If I try to force it I can get two studs to line up.
The size of the wheel shouldn't matter if the bolt pattern is the same. Hrmmm. This is weird.
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