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Help finding wheel adaptors please

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Hello I’m new to cars I just got into modifying my rsx a few months ago and bought some nice wheels for my 2005 acura rsx base. They won’t mount and I don’t know enough about this stuff to figure out the right adapter to buy. The new wheels were mounted on a 2006 acura tsx. If someone Could tell me the right adaptors to buy I’d be super grateful. Thank you!
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I had waffles from a tl type s on mine and all I had to do is use 1 " spacers so it cleared everything. Maybe he is referring to that but you need to look on back of the rims you got that are 17 and see what offset and lug pattern they are it will be stamped on it and find a adapter to go from 5x114.3 to it with the thickness to make your rim and tire flush with fenders. You can watch a ton of videos from YouTube on it from fitment Industry's to learn and figure it out you can do it 💪.
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