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Long story but it goes like this. I have an 05 si - its ecu cannot be relashed. I picked up an earlier ecu and sent it in with my key and immobilizer for a reflash - purchased through Club RSX. I told both Club RSX and Hondata that it was a "donor" ecu. I spent $85. to overnight everything. Hondata calls me this morning and tells me they can't reflash the ecu because its not synched to the key and immobilizer. No one every told me that it had to be running in the car before they
could reflash it!?

So now they still have my key and immobilizer with the donor ecu so my car is not going anywhere. I borrowed a car for 2 days but may have to rent one tomorrow. I'm waiting for K-series Parts (formerly Club RSX) to return my email but the manager is having a baby today.

I debating to have them go ahead and give me K-Pro which will cost twice what I was planning on spending. I think the Kpro is complete overkill for my lame bolt-ons.

My main question is: how hard would it be to get a basic "reflash" type tune with K-pro? If I go through with this I will definitely not be able to take it to a tuner. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I will only have a few hours to decide what to do. Thanks in advance!
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