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So I'm closing up on getting my Ariel atom project finished soon and want to get it running by the end of the summer. What I need help with is wiring, I've been going through the schematics now for a while and there are some gaps in what I know and don't, so if anyone could help me out here I would be very grateful.
Some basic info:
Motor:K20a3 with stock wiring harness (2003)
Immobilizer unit/key (2002 ep3) (different key and need to reprogram/bypass this)
I do not have the underdash fuse/relay box

I currently am missing these for engine functions:
O2 Heater Relay, O2 sensors (I believe I only need the primary for this build as I have a custom exhaust made with no cats, please correct me if I'm wrong), Air/fuel ratio sensor + relay
I will be purchasing these parts shortly

As for the issues I'm having parts of the wiring harness are missing and do not have connectors for the key/immobilizer unit as well as the gauges as these parts were all purchased separately apart from the harness. With that being said I cannot find the schematic for the key/immobilizer system anywhere and it would be helpful if someone could tell me what they are. (The 5 large flat pins at the end of the unit, along with the 6 pin green connection behind the 7 pin immobilizer, I will post a picture as well.

As for the other missing wires, these come from Connector E from the ECU along with the engine harness. All I need here is necessary functions in order for the car to run, so anything I do not need to bother with please let me know. Also if anyone has a tip on what to use as replacements for the female pins inside these connectors let me know.
Connector E to ECU:
6 secondary heated oxygen sensor
14 fuel tank pressure sensor (using external fuel pressure regulator)
20 Evap bypass valve
21 Evap canister vent shut valve
23 K line (not sure what this is)
27 immobilizer code
30 write enable signal

Engine harness:
8 alt-L to warning lights
13 ECU A16 to PHO2S
15 ECU A22 to O2 sensor

Also I know that pin 3 from the engine harness goes to speedo, however which pin does it connect to? Along with pin 26 from the E connector to which on the tachometer (2002 civic si gauge cluster)

Once I get the ignition/immobilizer working I'll be able to ween the rest of this stuff out so that would be the biggest help to me since I can't find the schematic nor do I have the colored wires to base info off of.

I thank you in advance,
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