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Hey all,

I'm very interested in buying this 2002 RSX Type-S. It's got quite a few mods (see below for list) but the guy is selling it above edmunds and KBB value. I know he put a lot of work and money into the car, so he wants to get as much $$ for it as possible, but I think it might be a little on the expensive side. He's selling it for $13,500.

Here's the ctrl-V'd craigslist ad:

2002 Acura RSX type-S
Title: CLEAN
Color: Desert Silver Metallic
Interior: Sand- leather (excellent condition)
Transmission: Manual - 6 speed
Engine: 2.0L IVTEC 210 BHP 8600 RPM Redline
Mileage: 76,667
Gas Mileage: approx. 28-32 MPG
Price: $13,995 OBO

-Power steering, power windows, power doors and ceramic anti-lock power brakes
-Cruise control
-Air condition
-Sun/moon roof
-Keyless entry
-Security system
-Dual front and side airbags
-Rear defroster and rear window wiper
-Tilt Steering wheel
-Front bucket seats
- 17inch wheels- 5 spoke (2006) rims professionally painted black +
16inch stock rims (not on vehicle, but included with car)

Stereo: Pioneer Premier AM/FM, CD/MP3, IPOD hook-up, DVD player in-dash
- touch-screen that closes to conceal
-vehicle dynamics processor (shows all kinds of info through DVD,
for example g-forces, GPS location, angle, direction, sound levels
with colorful graphics
-Custom component speakers in front and back (tweeters in both
front and back; Kicker High-Grade in front Polk High-Grade in back)
-Alpine multi amp for front and rear speakers
-Custom Shaped fiberglass enclosure in rear loaded with 3- 10"
w3's subs JL Audio ($$$$$$)
-Alpine mono amp 1000W RMS 1800 MAX watts

**Extra Performace Parts on Vehicle**:
-Hondata K-pro (tunable ECU for tuning the vehicle)
-Buddy Club Stainless Race headers
-RBC intake manifold (increases midrange HP and overall torque)
-Injen Cold-air intake
-Greddy Evo2 Cat-back Exhaust
-Exedy Stage 2 Ceramic clutch ( Beautiful )
-Exedy Lightweight flywheel 8lbs.
-Buddy Club Grounding kit
-Genuine Toda Front Swaybar
-Tein Flex Coilovers (not SS's the nicer ones.... expensive!)
-Tr1 inverted tie-rod ends (a must for lowered vehicles)

Cosmetics and Interior:
-Custom Black JDM style headlights with halos
-Genuine Type-R valve cover (for looks plus genuine Honda black
dipstick instead of bright orange)
***All of the performance parts I have added to the car I have
critically researched for quality and performance and installed
professionally with the highest grade parts. I've taken my time
choosing these parts and the combination is very classy. The car is
super clean and well kept.***

The only bad thing on the car is a minor dent behind the passengers
door which can be fixed for not much money. A woman backed into the
car while it was parked. You can see it in the last photo.

Please let me know what you guys think regarding pricing. All help appreciated! Thanks!

PS - This would be the first car that I've purchased and owned (not driven) so I want to have the best experience possible... :D



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Hmm. I wouldnt buy a car with that many mods on it unless I knew how it was driven and who drove it

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mods usually bring the price of the car down. but hes got some good shit, nothing cheap. except for the headlights. I really think between 12.5 and 13k would be bout right. kpro by itself is 1.2k

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some dry ice and a blow drier will pop that out easy. If i was the seller I would take all that shit out and sell it for 12k stock and make a couple grand out of the mods.

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yea thats what i did 2 lol. that rsx "looks" like its been treated good tho. ts if u decide to go with it just run a compression and leak test.

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Hmm. I wouldnt buy a car with that many mods on it unless I knew how it was driven and who drove it
My thoughts exactly.

But if you think you want to make an offer, just to give you a comparison, I think I paid 12,500 for mine 7 months ago. It's also an 02-s, but it only had 52k miles on it and doesn't have the same amount of body damage.

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For sure, what about the price though? Anyone? :)
I am commenting strictly on price. I am assuming the mods were installed properly and the car was driven responsibly.

Buy it
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