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Help with this devilish whine noise.

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So i've owned this 06 base rsx for about 5 months or so now And this whine is getting worse and worse. To give some insight from research Ive done I know it can be anywhere from the Ps pump, the pump o ring, air in the system, not using oem fluid, to low of level, the serpentine belt, the belt tensioner, or a bearing on one of the accessories pumps(A/c, alternator).

What I have done so far:
New tensioner(Reason for this is it was doing the very common ticking from a stretched belt and replacing this fixed that noise but did nothing to the belt, the tensioner indicator arrow was outside of the little box but doing the belt fixed the issue and was no inside the brackets). NOW the arrow is all the right to the right of that box just not right in the middle leading me to believe that this is a tensioner problem and maybe the bearing is making the noise

I did the "Safe" bleeding of the power steering, i used a turkey baster to suck up as much fluid as I can(ENGINE OFF), and added new OEM ACURA fluid not off brand stuff, turned the engine on and cycled the steering wheel from left to right 5-6 times than with wheels straight turned engine off and did the same thing over and over until no bubbles are visible and the fluid was as clean as possible(I remember reading something a month ago about these reservoirs getting clogged? and that they got recalled and Acura/Honda makes a newer version that fixes this whine?? is this true?)

the problem- The noise occurs during idle/reving, and gets louder as I go through the gears, It sounds almost exactly like a bad ps pump/tranny whining but its 100% not a transmisson issue the noise is very distinct to the left of the engine(Ps pump side) and by ear is sounds like either ps pump or tensioner. I took a video but the noise is no where near as bad at idle as it is while driving just dont wanna spend alot of money just replacing stuff until the issue is fixed much rather pin point the issue first.

Please is someone can help me with this it would be much appreciated.


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I have no instagram, so I believe your words. Don't worry about the fluid for now, First go left right left about 40 times. Or first look at every bit of hose and rack for a leak. Even out by the tires see if the arms are coated in oil, and look for dripping. A leak will leak. If it's not leaking, stop entering new fluid, contamination is the least problem--I've never changed fluid on any of my cars ever. Not great advice, but outside that van, I've never really had ps problems. Look for leak, crank the wheel more and report back
With the car on or off? Obvious car on jack stands and power steering cap off but with the car running or the car with the engine off?
Man. I didn't know it was that unbearable. Whenever I replaced my high pressure hose due to leaking, I did the several turns lock-to-lock with the car on and cap off and while the car was on the ground (level). I know this is bad for the tires generally but I think I had them on pieces of cardboard to help lessen the coefficient of friction, but I didn't have any air in the system. Idk man

Maybe you should check the line/hose flare nuts are tight?

If the pressure control valve is blocked up maybe this would happen? Shoot, anything restricting it might make this sound I guess

Are you actually leaking/losing fluid though?
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Is it possible it’s the ac compressor? Mine was starting to chirp, so I had it replaced before it burned out.
Hey! Just replaced my whole system and have this issue with a new ps pump. Did you ever figure this out?
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