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Hesitation when accelerating

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Hello everyone, I have a 2005 rsx base 5AT . Recently I’ve had the throttle body and intake manifold replaced and a year and a half ago I had the transmission replaced, changed the spark plugs, ignition coils and the fuel injectors as well. When I need to put it into gear it won’t let me, I have to press the shift lock to let me get into gear and when I get into gear my car hesitates when I accelerate. I got a code PO172 which is a vacuum leak but I feel as if there is more of an electrical and transmission problem. if anyone can help me with this problem I would appreciate it.
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Check that your brake switch is working. (Do your brake lights turn on?) Check fuse #8 under dash. Check for power at shift solenoid connector with brake pedal depressed. P0172 is fuel system too rich. Some causes can be fuel pressure, evap canister purge valves, O2 sensor, injectors, and valve adjustment.
thanks the help, will follow up with it
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