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hey im kinda new just wanted to show you guys my car

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i kinda miss this look ^

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Me thinks code for pics not right
car looks dope man, really diggin the laminx on the headlights, something different. I've seen the same thing done on a few ek civics and tsx's.
car looks good, pics could be of better quality
looks nice
i like your car now more than before. not feeling the yellow headlights.
welcome to CRSX playa! lovin the first pic!
ddaayyamnnn car .......................... NOT
looks good.

+ rep
Yellow fogs... mugen lip... Honda badges... I think I know where you're going! ;)

NBP <3!
looks good, just get some better pictures
what happened to your lights and rims?
1 - 20 of 53 Posts
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