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Hey whats up guys. I just picked up an ep3 a few days ago and have been leerkin around so i figured Id say hey and start a thread to document my car and its progression..

ok so car is a 2002 with 77k miles clean carfax all stock trade in from the second owner. id been looking and this was the second best one in my area. the other one had 58k and they wanted $10k for it so yeah.. any way here are the dealers craiglist pics i saved, they came out good..

my plans so far are;
replace both lock actuators(dont work)
new key fob
plasti dip wheels gold
bluetooth gps head unit
upgrade brake pads
window tint

and ill drive it like that for awhiiile till i use up the tires and clutch n then ill probably get alittle deeper into some mods like sticky tires, light wheels, coils, camber, polly bushings, strut/sway bars, i/h/e, hondata probably stop there n drive it till im too


1 - 3 of 3 Posts