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high flow cat

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do you really notice that much of a power gain thru a high flow cat, or better yet, a race header. looking to get a new header sometime soon and cant decide b/w race header and shorty. i understand that the race header is better, but by how much? Is it worth the extra money and the fact that it is illegal in most states to get, and how would they check that anyway, beside when going for inspection?
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y cant u search like everyone else?
as far as i know, since you delete the cat with a raceheader, you get better performance. its a great mod for the money, however, keep in mind that if you get pulled over and they catch you with it your fucked...well in cali i know thats for sure. i was thinking about getting a hi flow cat also, but i could never really see myself paying that much a couple of ponies. might as well save up and buy a reflash or something.
race header > shorty header + highflow cat > shorty header + stock cat > stock exhaust.
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