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So I've always wished the RSX came with homelink like my Accord did.

I thought about using a universal garage door opener and wiring a button to the dash but didn't want to worry about a battery dyeing or wiring it with resistors to achieve the correct voltage.
Also I have fogs, so I don't have any switch blanks to put the button in.

Yesterday I was bored and saw that I had a spare homelink dome light from my accord lying around.
I decided to start cutting it up to see how small I could make it.

Started like this:

Hacked down to this:

Then enclosed the circuit board and soldered power leads:

Removable faceplate and buttons:

After a quick headliner trim:

I had originally wanted to put it by the map lights but there isn't enough room to hide the circuit board.

I now have a fully programmable garage door opener that runs off 12V power tapped from the dome lights.

It was a spur of the moment mod but I think it turned out pretty well.

What do you guys think?

Comments and criticism welcome.

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That looks really nice, what was the part number of the accord home link? I would like to do this mod also.
Unfortunately I don't know the part number.

The one I used was off a 98-02 accord V6. (4 cyls didn't get homelink)
Also 99-03 TL, 01-03 CL and 99-04 Odyssey all have the same Homelink map lights.

Your best bet is to browse the junkyard and find one from the vehicles I listed.

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This DIY needs to be stickied. This is truly the best garage door mod I've seen for the RSX.

You can get the home link on eBay. I have a 2000 TL and ordered one from eBay for under $50 bucks or so.

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That is a solid DIY. I bet you could score a nice home link type module from a junkyard pretty cheap.
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