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Hondata announces Greddy RSX-S and Civic Si reflash

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Hondata announces the release of the reflash for the Greddy turbo RSX Type S and Greddy Turbo Civic SI. The reflash programs improve power and driveability.

RSX-S Greddy upgrade

Civic Si Greddy upgrade

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pyropete said:

Say I take this down to Ericks Racing, or another shop in Los Angeles to have my turbo installed, will I need a boost controller to go along with this program like the Profec E-01, or does this new Hondata program work with the stock emanage?

Will I need tuning also with the flash, or does the flash do all the tuning? Basically plug&play or will there have to be tuning involved after the flash? Or should I get it tuned, than flash?
You won't need a boost controller, and you probably would not want to change the boost much since this flash is designed around the stock boost, so no you don't need a boost controller.

It doesn't work with the STOCK e-manage but it works with an UPDATED e-manage which you get updated as part of the purchase of the greddy flash...

You won't need any tuning from what I've seen, it is all preset for you....they provide the e-manage maps and the flash that both work together and are pretuned so I don't think you would want to alter that...

The curve looks a bit jumpy up top...
1 - 1 of 110 Posts
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