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Hondata announces Greddy RSX-S and Civic Si reflash

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Hondata announces the release of the reflash for the Greddy turbo RSX Type S and Greddy Turbo Civic SI. The reflash programs improve power and driveability.

RSX-S Greddy upgrade

Civic Si Greddy upgrade

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I would like to know if the base maps for the programmable unit will be included as well.
what if you want the programable ECU and the greddy upgrade? Is it possible to have both? Can you select it from the little menu on the K-pro?
I dont understand how the flash is safer than just running more boost..I think revving the motor to 8600 rpms on 7 psi would be equal if not even worse then revving the motor to 8100 rpms on 8 psi
Yea, really. The valve spring limit isn't too much higher than 9100, I think thats kind of pushing it.
1 - 4 of 110 Posts
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