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Hondata announces Greddy RSX-S and Civic Si reflash

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Hondata announces the release of the reflash for the Greddy turbo RSX Type S and Greddy Turbo Civic SI. The reflash programs improve power and driveability.

RSX-S Greddy upgrade

Civic Si Greddy upgrade

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WOOT!!!! Thanx alot Greddy/Hondata....
yep...Hondata 4 is completely different....The Reflash needs to have the Emanage reflashed as well...This is on my list of things to do....I might do the Kpro as I wanna run more boost.....
:dontknow: I had my service Dept do it....
I work there as sales...the guy charged me 50 bucks...took him about 10 mins...
1 - 4 of 110 Posts
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