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Hondata announces Greddy RSX-S and Civic Si reflash

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Hondata announces the release of the reflash for the Greddy turbo RSX Type S and Greddy Turbo Civic SI. The reflash programs improve power and driveability.

RSX-S Greddy upgrade

Civic Si Greddy upgrade

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HOndata, at the top of your graph, it says FLY WHEEL POWER, so is that number not a Wheel horse power? or is it just a name?
Man, its been a long week!! My car was on the Dyno for 3 hours yesterday, 5 today and we still need probably 2 more tomorrow.... I'm so anxious to drive my car!! but i'm just glad that the shop ( ADAMS AUTOMOTIVE) in crestview FL are being so thorough with my car and making everything perfect.
The car has already shown a 48 WHP increase at the 5500 rpm mark and a 37 whp AT 7110 RPMS... They still havent tuned it pass that, and i'm going all the way to 8600 rpms.
This K-pro is really the shit for out cars. Everyone that really loves their boosted RSX should make the sacrafice and fess up the $$ to get this, cause its really unbelievable to see all that this Hondata can do!!!
They also found out that my gauge is wrong! they tested other gauges and went through the ECU and found out that I was only running 6 psi's instead of 9 ( what my gauge was regestering.)
So I was at 219whp with the emanage.
K-pro= tomorrow I will have the final result.
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exist12 said:
is this on 6 psi or did you up the boost
Yep, just 6 psi's, test pipe and Greddy evo exhaust.
I am planing to get it retuned as soon as I get a boost controller and the Greddy titanium Turbo exhaust
millo said:
With this new reflash, is it safe to lower the boost through the use of the Profec B Spec 2 when colder weather arrives??
The new ECU should compensate, so no need to lower boost!! BOOST AWAY!
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