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Hondata announces Greddy RSX-S and Civic Si reflash

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Hondata announces the release of the reflash for the Greddy turbo RSX Type S and Greddy Turbo Civic SI. The reflash programs improve power and driveability.

RSX-S Greddy upgrade

Civic Si Greddy upgrade

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about time. j/k
doug, i'm a little concerned about the "running lean" possibility. can u explain this more please. thanks in advance. mike
zulusTypeS said:
HOndata, at the top of your graph, it says FLY WHEEL POWER, so is that number not a Wheel horse power? or is it just a name?

flywheel horsepower aka crank horsepower is different then wheel horsepower. this is still a good imprvement over stock greddy kit for those like me that aren't looking for stupid horespower.
emfollin said:
It is wheel HP, that is a known mistake with that dyno.
if that's the case that's very nice. i wonder if it's with the cat(probably) and a <3 in exhaust(probably greddy evo)
emfollin said:
That's funny because I was just researching the K-pro and the GReddy flash and the K-pro just seems like such a wiser choice.

how so?? the k-pro would be wise if u are looking to get higher hp numbers as opposed to just wanting to keep stock internals and not have to worry about tuning costs etc.
yes the flash is just that a flash. the k-pro is the stand alone program. non adjustable, less expensive, fixed boost 7psi vs. fully adjustable, more expensive, bigger boost
depends how u installed it. if u soldered and heatshrank all the wires like you're supposed to then it a PITA. set aside a few hours.
emfollin said:
PITA= pain in the ass

My installer said he will solder and wrap in electrical tape most likely. How many wire connections are there for the e-Manage?

off hand without looking, 15-20
RsxManJoe said:
I dont understand how the flash is safer than just running more boost..I think revving the motor to 8600 rpms on 7 psi would be equal if not even worse then revving the motor to 8100 rpms on 8 psi

the flash not only adjusts fuel timing more than the e-manage it adjusts cam timing as well.
send it back to hondata
i'll be happy with just the flash.
1 - 11 of 110 Posts
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