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I did a search which came up with nothing.

I recently got a VIS OEM style CF hood. There is some play with the hood wobbling up and down. I am getting Sparco Hood pins from the online store, question is for any of you who already have hoodpins.

Where did you mount them. Did they keep the hood from bouncing up and down. I noticed the fitment is good but not great. There is more space between the hood and the fender than I like.

Any problems with the hood pins scratching the finish?

Thanks in advance.

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Emy said:
awesome ride :thumbsup: the reason why i mounted mines like that is cuz i wanted the clip to go up instead of down, my own opinion :) and i had the bumper down.. in that case you dont quite know what holes you can use :D

agree with u on that one. i had the same preference.
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