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Hightower said:
I know it has been probably beat to death..... But I am to lazy to search through all the posts off the search engine to find out how many different chargers there is out there.

I don't want any peeps tellin me a bunch of crap about anything else other than Makes of Superchargers for the Type S.
That's your attitude after 7 posts? Do you realize it would have been less typing and clicks for your lazy a$$ to have clicked search at the top of the screen and actually searched rather than wasting a thread.

Were you asking for help on a topic that's on EVERY page in the boost forum or giving orders? What do you think takes longer, searching on the internet, or installing a supercharger? Your not ready for FI. I'd be happy if you never replied to this, please move on. I hope I don't see you post a 10th message. It's trolls like you that kill a board.

For others reading this, I've been here a long time and don't usually post crap like this. Sorry to have bumped this thread up, but it had to be done. :)
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