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Updated 3/20/2010

How much does it weigh? Please contribute accurate weights.

Keep in mind, most of these weights come from different sources and different scales. As they say "your results may vary".


Complete sunroof - 31 Lbs.
Sunroof glass with frame - 14 Lbs.
Main sunroof frame w motor, cables, & sliding door - 17 Lbs.

Sound deadening material - 20 ( to 30 Lbs.)

Rear wiper w/ motor - 2.75 Lbs

Cruise control - 3 Lbs.

Spare tire/wheel - 28.6 Lbs.

Stock jack - 2.8 Lbs.

Stock Battery - 21 to 25 Lbs.

Stock sub (in spare) - 6.8 Lbs.
Bose Head unit w/trim panel - 7.5 Lbs.
Bose amp - 2.3 Lbs.
Speakers - .8 Lbs. each - 3.2 Lbs total
Total of all Stereo Parts - 20 (to 23.5 Lbs.)

Aftermarket single din head unit w/aftermarket trim panel - 4.6 Lbs.

Stock air box - 11 Lbs.

Passenger airbag - 6 Lbs. (to 9 Lbs.)
Drivers side airbag - 1.5 Lbs.

Visors - 1 Lb.

Trunk lid cover - 3 Lbs.

Plastic interior trim on deck-lid - 4.25 Lbs.
Rear side trim (Covers Taillights) - 4 Lbs.
Rear center plastic - 1 Lb.
Rear upper plastic (around the window) - 5 Lbs.

Rear carpet trim - 2 Lbs.

All Carpet carpet - 12.5 Lbs.
All Carpet without padding - 9.5 Lbs.

Type S rear seat, Back 20 Lbs. - Bottom 8 Lbs - Total 28 Lbs.
Type R rear seat, Back 19 Lbs. - Bottom 7 Lbs - Total 26 Lbs.

Driver seat (base cloth model) - 50 Lbs.
Passenger seat leather - 44 Lbs.
Type R Drivers seat - 43.8 Lbs.

A/C (without lines ) - 25 Lbs.
A/C compressor, bolts, and brackets - 12.8 Lbs

Front door rubber (left and right) - 8 Lbs.

Rear Trunk Rubber - 5 Lbs.

A pillar - 1 Lb.

Stock rear floorbar - 8 Lbs.
Type R rear floorbar - 5.75 Lbs.

Fender liners (1.5 Lbs each) - 3 Lbs.

Stock hood w/liner - 30 Lbs.
Hood liner - 3.25 Lbs.

Decklid complete with glass, plastic trim, and wiper motor - 70 Lbs.
Decklid metal only - 40 Lbs.
Rear window, glass only- 23 Lbs.

Front bumper support - 10 Lbs.
Rear bumper support - 11.5 Lbs.
Type R front bumper support - 4.6 Lbs.
Type R rear bumper support - 2.5 Lbs.

Front LCAs, steel (pair) - 17 Lbs.
Front LCAs, aluminum Type-R ITR (pair) - 10.4 Lbs.

Intake Manifold Cover, Spark Plug Cover and associated hardware - 2.6 lbs

Stock exhaust header (with heat shield) - 10 Lbs.
Stock exhaust header w/cat - 27.6 Lbs.
Mugan header with cat - 21 Lbs.

Radiator with fluid bottle (without fluid) – 8 Lbs.

Vibration damping B.S
Front bumper - 1.2 Lbs.
Front sub-frame - *** Looking for accurate weight
Base of windshield - *** Looking for accurate weight
Rear decklid ('05 only) - 1 Lbs +/- *** Looking for accurate weight

Additional parts:
t3/t04e turbocharger - 17 pounds
T3 k-series cast iron turbo manifold - 8 pounds (yes, it's lighter than an stock exhaust header!)
28"x9"x2.75" sized, bar & plated aluminum intercooler – 12 pounds


Complete sunroof 31 Lbs.

Spare tire & tools 28.5 Lbs.

Stereo (head, spkrs) 6.5

Rear carpet & deck 6.75

Glovebox 3 Lbs.

Center console 5 Lbs.

Removable upper decklid 4.5 Lbs.

Rear seat back (small) 14.5 Lbs.
Rear seat back (large) 28 Lbs.
Rear seat bottom 10.5 Lbs.

Drivers door panel 8.5 Lbs.
Pass door panel 9 Lbs.

Interior side plastic (L) 7 Lbs.
Interior side plastic (r) 6.75 Lbs.

Remaining interior plastic 24.2 Lbs.

Cabin carpet 13 Lbs.

Grey footwell foam 8.5 Lbs.

Headliner 6.5 Lbs.

Sun visors (2) 2 Lbs.

Driver airbag 3 Lbs.
Passenger airbag 6.5 Lbs.
Airbag computer 1.5 Lbs.

Seatbelt hardware 14.25 Lbs.

B-Pillar floorbar (below rear seat) 12.5 Lbs.

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Great idea for a thread, Todd. Interesting that the entire sunroof assembly is only 30lbs though. Ive heard a lot of numbers closer to 50. Kinda makes me want to hold off on spending $400ish to plug the sunroof w/ cf.

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Stock battery

Stock stereo

Stock seats

i'll try and get the weights of the stock seats on monday if noone else does by then. if nothing else, the front seats. my rear seats are in storage but i may go grab them also to weigh for this thread

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the rears are pretty light to me... I'd say 15lbs or so..... I would weight them for you guys if needed (my car is semi-gutted atm) so I got the rear seats out, the front passenger, the bose amp and possibly gettin rid of the bose wiring system out!... also door panels and quarter panel cover.

just let me know.

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Let's not guess.
The "estimates" I found elsewhere is what inspired me to start thread.
Please actual weight only.
i may weigh each front seat (base, no bose amp) monday for you

EDIT: great thread idea btw. i'm interested. subscribed for future use

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spare tire & tools
removable upper decklid
rear seat back (small)
rear seat back (large)
rear seat bottom
rear carpet & deck
stereo (head, spkrs)
drivers door panel
pass door panel
center console
interior side plastic (L)
interior side plastic (r)
remaining interior plastic
cabin carpet
moonroof assembly
sun visors (2)
chassis braces & plates
driver airbag
passenger airbag
airbag computer
seatbelt hardware
nuts and bolts
grey footwell foam
assorted sealing plastic and goo

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Nice! I want to clarify a few things. See below.

Removable upper decklid 4.5 (Is this the trunk cover?)

Rear seat back (small) 14.5 (Mine is split down the middle, please explain)
Rear seat back (large) 28
Rear seat bottom 10.5 (Is the total rear set 53 lbs?)

Interior side plastic (L) 7 Lbs. (Is this is the plastic next to the rear seats)
Interior side plastic (r) 6.75 Lbs.

Remaining interior plastic 24.2 Lbs.

Chassis braces & plates 12.5 Lbs. (Please explain)

Seatbelt hardware 14.25 Lbs. (Is this all the seatbelts, brackets and balistic retraction)

Grey footwell foam 8.5 Lbs. (What is this? The insulation above the passengers feet?)

Assorted sealing plastic and goo 2 Lbs. (Please explain)

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Interested in some DC2 numbers if anyone finds them anywhere

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This is what I have so far, just got done with all these parts on the digital scale. I have more but the car is not here.

Visors 1 pound
Rear center plastic 1 pound
A pillar 1 pound
Trunk lid cover 3 pounds
Rear upper plastic 5 pounds (around the window)
Rear side trim 4 pounds (Covers Taillights)
Rear carpet trim 2 pounds
Passenger airbag 6 pounds
Spare 28 pounds
Sound deadening 25 pounds
Front door rubber 8 pounds
Rear Trunk Rubber 5 pounds
Sunroof frame 17 pounds
All Stereo Parts 23.5 pounds
AC 25 pounds(without lines )


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i have a stock battery in my trunk and a postal scale. i can weigh it but its a dead battery missing some liquid. do you want me to scratch it off the list?

i guess i wont weight it. ill toss it

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Ep3 Not a Dc5, but very similar :eek:
I don't remember...Every item exactly where they were :(

Chassis bracing includes the bar under the rear seats and the brackets on either side, and some others...Its been years :eek: Sorry

I almost wonder if a c-pillar bar and rear H bar would make up enough to just remove that bar completely when you go race.

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im in! this looks like a really interesting thread

underside hood liner
left and right fender liner
3lbs (1.5lbs each)
Do you think your hood liner was oil soaked or wet when you weighed it? 4 Lbs. seems like a lot of weight. I will enter it as 4 Lbs.

I think the fender liners have an aerodynamic purpose so I would leave them on, IMHO.

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Thank you all, this list is coming together nicely.

See post #2 for the wish list of weights.

imbest123, go ahead and weigh your battery. Do not worry about it being a bit low on water.
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