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Hello members,

A common question we receive from many new users to our forum is "how do I attach my photos"?
Having photos of the item(s) you're listing greatly improves your chances of selling the item, not to mention, photos are required as per our Market Place Rules.

Well, there are really just two ways of accomplishing this and it is very simple process.

Option 1 - Remote Hosting

Remote hosting on a website is the preferred method used by many people. Use a photo hosting website and hotlink your images into your post.

Several image hosting websites are listed below: (my personal favorite and free)

I recommend IMGUR, it is 100% free, does not require you to register an account (although doing so makes it easy to revisit all of your uploaded photos).
You can also perform photo manipulation (resize, rotate, crop, etc) through the interface.

Once you have the JPG/PNG/etc file on your computer, simply drag and drop the picture(s) into Imgur website and upload them.

When photo is uploaded, it will give you a preview along with BBCode to copy/paste directly in your listing.
The code will be in this format:
Simply copy and paste this code in-line with your text.


Option 2 - Forum Hosting
This option is built into our forum software. Below the text entry dialog box of the thread you're creating, you will see a "Manage Attachments" button.
Click that and a popup will appear. Select the photo(s) to add to your listing.
Once uploaded, those will show up at the bottom of your post.


I personally find it easier to use a remote hosting website such as IMGUR but the choice is yours in how you want to do it.

Remote hosting also allows you to place the pictures wherever you decide within the post, while attaching via the forum places everything at the bottom of your post. Both achieve the same purpose.

Good luck with getting your stuff sold!


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