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Gauging interest on swapping my silver 02 rsx type s hatch w/type r wing for your wingless/lower wing hatch. My trunk and wing are in great shape and debadged, yours must be in similar shape, and would actually prefer the badges but does not matter. I have never done the labor on this but am capable of helping out. I am in va beach, dont want to drive too far. Trading because I don't have the sideskirts/lip, etc that the car needs to pull the wing off. I am assuming these swaps add some cash to the mix (on your end) but Im not pressed about that, just need the traded hatch to be in good shape and working wiper. If you have any stock parts laying around Id probably take those off your hands too (grill, muffler,etc). If noone is interested I guess I will just put up with the speed racer jokes until I have finished my "restoration" :rotfl:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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