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I got screwed by Showstoppers

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Duplicate post from!! For ClubRSX FYI

Here is the link to my350z site thread. He is on these forums. Used to be CarbonLTD and his forum name here is "Dc5Boosted"

I never like to make threads like this, but I have no choice. I have no comuniction from them to this point. All calls have been initiated from me to Showstoppers and their shipping company "TNT" and from TNT to me. This is my only hope to reach a final verdict with my lip.

I ordered a CW lip from JIM for my 08 Z. He gave me a good price since he knew me from the Clubrsx boards. After about 1 week it was left on my doorstep. I was supposed to have been given a chance to look at the lip before it was dropped off, so this seemed odd. Not even a signature.

I took the lip inside and started to take the protective covering off of the lip. Took me a good 10 minutes due to the wrapping. Low and behold, I see the lip cracked almost in half. The lower crack is really bad. I instantly call Jim, and let him know the details.

He advises me to file a claim at DHL (3rd party shipper). I start the process and 2 days later I get an email that TNT has to file the claim.

So I get the billing recipt and call TNT to file the claim. I spokw with the rep and she advised me that Showstoppers was the custumer and that they will have to do the actual paperwork.

At this point, I get in contact with Chuck, I guess Jims boss. He tells me that they are not going to replace, or refund me for the damaged lip untill TNT picks up the piece. I advised him that part of the claim has already been filed by me and he tells me to take pics of the damage and the box. So I do and I send it to his email. Then I wait for about 2-3 days for a responce.

I get nothing so I call Catherine and she tells me nothing has been done or nothing on file from anyone calling her. She asks me to send her the pictures, and that she will try to get in touch with Showstoppers. 1 week passes by and she calls me back to find out why they are not calling back, and if we resolved the issue. I tell he no, so she tries to call again and cant get anyone.

I talked to Jim and he advised that Chuck was a good guy and that not to worry, he will get it done. One week passes.

Now well into week 3. I get a call from TNT again to see if the problem was resolved. I tell he no. This time I tell her that I will give Chuck her direct number to call. He takes it down, and he said that it will be taken care of.

Three more days pass and nothing. So I decide to contact Jim. I told him that I was going to file a claim and get my cash back if I dont get any cooperation. He tells me not to threaten him and that Im being childish. That he has no controll over Showstoppers or TNT, and that they will have to handle it. Now Im dealing with Showstoppers as a company outside of Jim's control. But he was the one that took the payment, and he instigated the deal. To me, he is responsible for the custumers he sells to. He is because he was the direct contact for the sale.

This is what I get from him today when I questioned him about it.

ghstp5: still no word from anyone
Dc5Boosted: did you call Chuck ?
ghstp5: yes
ghstp5: and Catherine
Dc5Boosted: what'd he say ?
ghstp5: and gave Chuck her email
ghstp5: and he called her
ghstp5: nothing as always
ghstp5: she emailed you too
ghstp5: and cc me
Dc5Boosted: e-mailed me ?
ghstp5: yep
Dc5Boosted: which e-mail?
ghstp5: jim @
Dc5Boosted: lol, not an e-mail
Dc5Boosted: [email protected]
ghstp5: well dude, I dont know how else to get you guys to talk.
ghstp5: I gave Chuck her number on Monday
Dc5Boosted: what are you talkin about?
Dc5Boosted: yeah, you said he called her
ghstp5: and what came of ita?

ghstp5: it
Dc5Boosted: no idea, I haven't talked to him about it
ghstp5: see dude
ghstp5: what else am I supposed to do
Dc5Boosted: what?
Dc5Boosted: keep in contact with Chuck
Dc5Boosted: it's not like were not helping you out
ghstp5: he gets agravated when I call him
Dc5Boosted: so
Dc5Boosted: keep calling his ass
ghstp5: how are you helping me out Jim
Dc5Boosted: how can I help you?
Dc5Boosted: I don't handle shipping claims, my boss does
ghstp5: either get them to come get this or something
Dc5Boosted: should I hold a gun to their head?
Dc5Boosted: twist their arm ?
ghstp5: no but you sure were glad to take the cash. I paid for goods that are damaged. I didnt damage it, but now im dealing with this red tape
Dc5Boosted: we've been in contact with them, it takes time for a claim to get processed. Once it gets picked up by the carrier we will ship you a new one
Dc5Boosted: we didn't damn it either !
Dc5Boosted: *damage
ghstp5: she said it takes 24 hours
Dc5Boosted: then ask HER why it's taking so long
Dc5Boosted: I don't control the claims process at the carrier
ghstp5: but you are the responsible party. I paid for shipping to you
Dc5Boosted: right,
Dc5Boosted: we aren't going to give you
a. your money back
b. a new lip

until the damaged one is picked up
ghstp5: then YOU guys call them and tell them to pic it up
Dc5Boosted: I can not control the time it takes for the carrier to pick-up and inspect the damaged product. This is something you should be asking the carrier when they said it takes 24 hours.
Dc5Boosted: WE DID
Dc5Boosted: you just said Chuck called them, no? He wasn't ordering a pizza
ghstp5: dude, the claim on the routing number has only nots on me calling
ghstp5: notes
ghstp5: that came from the rep
Dc5Boosted: ...yeah ?
ghstp5: you guys have not called as of yesterday
Dc5Boosted: you just said Chuck called them
ghstp5: no I said I gave him her number to call her on Monday
ghstp5: She called and got an answering machine and left a message
Dc5Boosted: GhstP5 (7:29:44 PM): and he called her
Dc5Boosted: well, take it up with Chuck dude
ghstp5: No I delt with you
Dc5Boosted: all I can do is call Chuck and tell him the same thing your telling me, which I will also
ghstp5: not Chuck
Dc5Boosted: well, do what you want then dude
Dc5Boosted: I'm trying to help you out and your not taking my advice, so whatever man.
ghstp5: do what your supposed to do when one of your custumers are screwed because of the company you contract to ship
ghstp5: ok. Thats it
Dc5Boosted: dont tell me how ot do my job
ghstp5: Im not
Dc5Boosted: who are you to tell me what to do
Dc5Boosted: whatever dude
ghstp5: no one. But you have my money
Dc5Boosted: this conversation is over, you can deal with Chuck
ghstp5: ok
Dc5Boosted: and you have a damaged lip !
ghstp5: Nice
Dc5Boosted: what do you not understand?
Dc5Boosted: we can NOT ship you a new lip or refund money until your lip is picked up
ghstp5: Give us the cash, we will ship you some trash
Dc5Boosted: trash?
Dc5Boosted: wasn't "trash" when you ordered it
ghstp5: like you said. Convo is over. Now it my turn.
Dc5Boosted: but since it got DAMAGED DURING SHIPPING, it's now trash
ghstp5: yea its trash
ghstp5: its broken in half
Dc5Boosted: and somehow everything in the world is out fault !
ghstp5: what good is it?
Dc5Boosted: you said yourself it was packaged awesome
ghstp5: yep
Dc5Boosted: what the hell else can we do ?
ghstp5: but YOU guys choose the third party shipping
Dc5Boosted: want me to buy a helicopter so I can deliver your lip i made $10 on?
ghstp5: im done Jim
Dc5Boosted: ok
ghstp5: I see Ill get nowhere.

Here are the pics of the lip.

I would really use caution whn dealing with Showstoppers. This isnt the longest anyone has waited to get their product, but its a bad buisness practice. Buyer BEWARE!!
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your fault for trying to make your nice 350z look like it's too fast and TOO furious :rolleyes:
lol :lawl:
Well, whoever the return address is on the shipping label is responsible for calling about damage claims. Or more accurately, whoever holds the account with said shipping company is responsible. so if the account number is billed to showstoppers, they're responsible.

Look at it this way, when I worked at a UPS Store, Customer would come in...Customer would pay for shipping and packaging.....We would ship the package on our account number while customer paid us.....package gets damaged.....The UPS Store handles the claim, not the customer.
god damn thats some confusing shit!
man that sucks, neva heard of show stoppers b4.

pics of da box?
your fault for trying to make your nice 350z look like it's too fast and TOO furious :rolleyes:
Wow, thats a great responce. I had an RSX as well.

Stop it. This is info for you guys.
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i lol'ed at this Give us the cash, we will ship you some trash
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i lol'ed at this Give us the cash, we will ship you some trash
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damn wtf
man that sucks, neva heard of show stoppers b4.

pics of da box?
He is on these forums. Used to be CarbonLTD and his forum name here is "Dc5Boosted"
sometimes shipping companies fuck up...

check this out...


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Is the box it was delivered in trashed? If it is, you need to be bitching at the shipping company, if not, bitch to that other douchebag.
if you paid by cc do a charge back if they are being an ass. Seen many problems with this company.
I used to work at a company whose name I will not mention that pulled this crap all the time which is one of the reasons I quit and am now unemployed lol but that is besides the point they are completely liable if they shipped the product under their tracking number they need to call DHL and have that covered. It may be the same case that I ran into at the aforementioned place, they did not put any additional insurance on the package and now they dont want to cover it. Get in contact with the better business bureau if they do not want to take responsibility, they cannot make them do anything but it is a burden and if you keep on it they always say "the squeaky wheel gets the oil." Sorry to hear about your bad experience and good luck.
Shipping companies suck. I live on a very busy street and I always instruct the shipper to leave packages at the back door so they don't get stolen. I can't count the number of times the package is left sitting out front with the words "leave at back door" big as shit right on top.
Mastergrade? Isn't there a dude on here named Mastergrademotors or something? He inquires about almost every set of wheels I post and never buys anything.

I say call your CC, charge the money back, and when Showstoppers contacts you, tell them to call TNT to come pick up the damaged item. Fuck them.
I allways google the company name with "problems" attached to it as well as other words that will help me find dirt. If you do this with companies you never delt with you with be less likely to have problems like this. Now that I put "problems" on here if you google "showstoppers problems" you should find this thead. This is why these warning threads are so important. Good luck getting that Z looking good and don't pay any mind the douches in the first 2 replies.
ya i got a carbon fiber hood from them and the same shit happed is was cracked and i called them and they told me the same shit i emailed them picks they told me to file the claim but only they can, went through this shit for months, they told me they were sending me a new hood never got anything, fuck them, and i sold a carbon part to mastergrademotors if i knew they were the same people i would have fucked the thing up so bad then sent it, DONT DO BUSINESS WITH SHOWSTOPPERS THEY SUCK
I would dispute the charge if paid by a credit card. I mean you've done everything you should on your part, the rest is for showstoppers to file the paperwork & tell the carrier to pick up the damaged lip.
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