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I haven't posted in these forums in a long time. First started off in 2000 6th gen accord, Honda-tech, and a couple other groups. Then sold my turbo accord and got an rsx-s. Drove it many years and drove the hell out of it. Got ripped in a deal after 220,000 i started losing oil pressure and rod knocking. a mechanic provided and swapped out the engine with a another used supposedly good engine. But that doesn't seem to be the case. Since we have 3 vehicles, my rsx has been sitting until this past weekend. I pulled the head off and found major scoring on the walls😶

Well besides this..... cause this is off topic area...
Anyone into racing fpv drones?

Really really cool ass shit!
It totally captured my attention and it made me let my car sit over a year😵🥴
Soo much so i'm a drone organizer for Cowtown drone racing 😬
Check me out in action😁

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