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K20A2 said:
This is why I started this forum, so that everyone can start to learn and become more knowledge in how it all works.
And we appreciate this more than you'll ever know, Chris!!!

As far as I am concerned, the programmable ECU is almost a no-brainer for anyone who is serious about optimal performance. The Hondata reflash is simply a one-size sort of fits all reprogramming that Hondata was nice enough to do for the K-engine crowd well before their programmable unit was going to be available. No matter how many times Hondata states that the reflash was optimized for a certain setup (a CAI in this instance), some folks will complain that the powerband isn't completely smooth with their particular setup. Of course it isn't. It can't. Hence the programmable unit.

The drawback is that a programmable ECU really requires professional attention. For example, I will definitely get it, but suspect that the built-in standard program will still leave me with a "Icebox dip" at 5000 rpm. So I'll either need to learn how to make a few changes myself or find someone who can, and that might run into serious time and money. Then, of course, I am just dying to get the JRSC (can't wait to read about your experiences) and when I do, there'll be more finetuning of the ECU.

One thing I wonder about is the impact of the different size injectors. Stocks are 310, I think, so will the 440s or even 550s (once you need them) totally destroy gas mileage?

I applied for a non-dealer spot in Hondata's WestCoast training seminar, but haven't heard back yet whether I got in or not.
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