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So I mean I'm not knocking on Autozone, they're good for stuff like claybars and little things, but I'm tired of ordering all my Poorboy's stuff from online and paying shipping and waiting a week to get it...

So who wants to open up a detailing shop that carries all the random stuff that we love to use?

However- I did get my shipment from autogeek today.. it was like christmas! Anybody who's ordered from them knows they wrap each product in its own little bag. I had forgotten all that I had ordered so it was like I was opening my christmas stocking :D. Here's what santa (DRESSED AS UPS MAN WTF :dontknow:) brought me:

Klasse All-in-One
PB Natty's Blue Paste Wax
PB Trim Restorer refill
PB Natural Look refill
DP Total Interior Cleaner
6-pack Cobra MF towels

It was a good afternoon, ahaha I was so psyched. I'm such a nerd.


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JaCkaL829 said:
You can do a dealer lookup on the Poorboy's website. There might be a distributor close enough to you. Honestly with the gas prices the way they are I don't mind getting it shipped.

*edit* I'm bored at work and did it for
^ Yeah. The shipping isn't bad, especially since online sites are usually a buck or two cheaper than the distributors.

There's a shop here that's started to ship in Poorboys, Menzerna, Micropak and Zaino in bulk and does offer extremely reasonable prices. But half the time they are out of stock, since they are one of the few shops that does it. They also offer full detailing service.

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Yeah I'm with ya, no one in my area ever carries anything other than your typical products. I don't think your average person really cares what kind of products they use.
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