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idle column?

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im pretty sure im running too rich cause i spit A LOT of carbon that it just accumulates on the ground into an area of black spots

want to lean it out
im running my idle at 1000 and dont think it should my car should be spitting out that much carbon
i guess its so rich that the gases eventually build up into condensed gas/fuel droplets and it spits out of the exhaust which causes a carbon/gas hundreds if not thousands on the floor

im assuming idle is 1st column
2nd column is deceleration right?
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you idle in col 2-3, between -17 and -20 in/hg

black soot is normal, i put black spots on my garge door/wall every morning.

just condensation that spits out with carbon out the tail pipe.

check the idle AFR, with stock injectors it should be near 14.5

another ntoe.... if u have ur car on, kpro on, u can see exactly which cells it is using for idle.. prolly row 3-4, col 2-3... cols 1-2 are reserved for decel.. that is when u see the most vacuum
thanks jon
ill dbl check everything

im going to do a blind change since no laptop available unless i borrow one
ill see whats up
man just invest in one dude! 300 bucks on ebay or somethin'
YOU'VE GOT K-PRO AND NO LAPTOP?!!! I would take boredfast's advice and don't do it blind because you might potentially harm your engine in one way or another
i have one, but dont have access to it all the time since its my sisters
ill wait for her to get back up
was going to just borrow one but fuck it, too much of a hassle
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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