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Import Alliance 2008 - Nashville, TN July 26-27. Who's Going?

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Import Alliance will be this weekend in Nashville, TN. I started this thread to see if many people are planing on attending.
If you plan on going, and would like to have a meet while there, this is where we can get it going. We can start a cell phone list for the people going, and get something organized. Maybe park together at the show, and go to a hooters for dinner Saturday night. Last minute, but let's get something going!!!!
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I'm coming up Sunday. Black rsx-s honda badges and white itr wheels.
I'll be there! Make sure anyone from clubrsx stops by and says hi, I'll be driving this

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Saw your car last year. Maybe you saw mine ?

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I'll be there Saturday
This is mine
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Has anyone contacted IA to see if clubrsx can show together ?
nice tl..
Nice, I will be looking for as many crsx's as possible.
I have stickers on my side windows but they are black in color.
I don't have any stickers.. prefer to have it clean but for the meet I've been debating about gettin some on just so we know who's from CRSX
Saw your car last year. Maybe you saw mine ?
I saw it at a gas station not at the show.
Also any CRSX member on Saterday morning at 7:30- 7:45 AM I will be meeting at the
Sleep Inn in Smyrna right across from the track. That way we can roll in together and park as a group if anyone wants to.
Parking together on Sunday also ?
looks like right now they're just saying possible thunderstorms Sunday evening/night
omg dammit no! it cant do this shit, especially if Nopi nationals are canceled this year.. :firemad:
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