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Bought this from a friend of mine and was looking to complete the kit and install but I have other things to worry about now. It comes with:

-5 Gallon Air Tank
-2 Viair Compressors
-Replacement Trunk Flooring
-Custom Bags on OEM Struts
-AVS Switch Box
-AVS Dual Needle Air Gauge

All you really need to complete it is your choice of Air Management and Air Lines. If you take it to CVT or Grounded Auto Works I'm sure they can complete and install everything for you.

I never rode on them while they were on the car but according to him they ride soft. If your looking for a practical ride height with a light drop to drive around on and then just hard park then the suspension will be nice. I would not recommend driving slammed imo.

You can contact me by cell

281 832-0972


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