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Kevin★05 DC5-S
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UPDATED PIX at PAGE 4 (3/20/10) Waxed and took some pix

UPDATED PIX at PAGE 4 (1/29/10) Blox Neo 490 Shift knob

Updated Pix at Page3(7/11/09) put my Mugen lip back on and waxed.

UPDATED PIX at PAGE 3 (11/16/08) Few shots with friends at Go Kart place

UPDATED PIX at PAGE 2 (8/12/08) Completed Mugen kits!!!!

UPDATED PIX at PAGE 2 (7/30/08) Primed mugen kits. cant wait to see final product!!!!

I have my own blog for my DC5.
check out at

Hello. I never made a thread for my ride.
Here's the some old pix to start.

I picked up my baby in Jan. 05.

around this time, pretty much stock.

I got my type-R wing with DIY lip.

Got HID on 2006 I guess. haha cant remember exact date.

Current Mod List

Suspension / Transmission
Power Slotted Rotors
Innovative Motor Mounts 60a
Mugen Front Strut Bar
Cusco Rear Strut Bar
Megan C-Pillar Bar
Comptech Short Shifter
Shift Bushings
EM2 Sway bar

AEM Fuel Rail w/ Pressure Gauge
BuddyClub Racing Condensor
BuddyClub Race Header
CRSX Injen Cold Air Intake
Hondata K-Pro

Nextmod Mugen lip kit
Type-R Wing
35% Window tint
Red H Front & Rear Emblem
OEM H Center Cap & Red H Sticker
J'Racing Rear Tow Hook
JDM Front Type-S Emblem
Nitto Neo-Gen NT Tires

Blox Neo 490 Shift Knob
Rajo Grip Pedal

Purevision HID
OEM Fog Light
PIAA H11 Light Bulb for Fog
Parking LED

Skunk2 Oil drain & MTF plug
Mugen Socks

Rockin Dem Jays!
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looks great man!!!!

needds a drop BAD!!!!

Simba =.=
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haha nice pix kev u pic whore, lookin nice! i see my type s emblem is being used well.

Kevin★05 DC5-S
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You need tire shine, a drop, and to get rid of that lame/rice DOHC sticker.

Other than that the car looks great!

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dude do u have a reg decklid with that type r wing?

return of the infamous...
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not a fan of i v tec stickers..

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it looks good, the ivtec sticker looks a little off. anyway kool man
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