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Some of you may remember the ClubRSX dyno tuning special I ran here a couple years back. Well, it's time for the return!

Long-story short, the normal Hondata K-Pro/FlashPro tuning rate is $400. The tune session includes all tuning, all dyno time, and a small street session after the dyno to check everything over.

This is a complete tune, which includes:
- Wide open throttle
- Part throttle
- Idle
- All fuel tuning
- Ignition timing adjustment
- Full cam angle mapping
- Anti-lag setup (for turbo cars)
- Knock sensor sensitivity adjustment for cars with aftermarket engine internals
- And just about anything else you can think of

At this time, I'm happy to announce the return of the ClubRSX Member Dyno Tuning Discount: Full flat-rate K-Pro and FlashPro tunes for $350.
Naturally aspirated, turbocharged, supercharged, nitrous-induced, whatever!

To take advantage of this, email me @ [email protected] to schedule an appointment, or call us at the shop @ (717) 218-8227 and mention the ClubRSX discount.

All tuning is performed on our in-house DynaPack Evolution 3000 2WD dynamometer, with a maximum capability of 1,000whp.

Be sure to read over our tuning checklist, also!

If you have taken advantage of our services in the past, feel free to post it up in this thread, also!


Derek Robinson

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If you are on the fence about getting tuned here, do it! Their work and customer service are top notch! Also, if you have a bunch of annoying questions after the tune or need a quick tweak they are always there to help.

U mad bro?
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Hands down the BEST service you could receive from a tuner and shop.

Derek is extremely knowledgeable and is willing to share that knowledge if you have any questions. I've been to other shops where the tuner tries to be as vague as possible for whatever reason - not with Derek! I've also felt like I was being taken advantage of at other shops because I didn't know fully what was going on. I did not feel this in any way when I went to IMW. Honestly, I felt like I was handing my car over to a close friend who I knew would take care of it.

Everyone at IMW is extremely friendly and it is family owned/operated! I had the pleasure of meeting some local friends/customers as well as Derek's dad who also works at the shop.

If you want top notch service, you need to go to a shop that employs ALL top notch people. IMW has that!

Derek has tuned my car once and he will be the only one to touch it in the future. I wish IMW was local but it was and will always be worth the 7hr drive for me!

IMW > all

CRSX> Homework
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I can also vouch for IMW. Bought a car with their tune, I messed up the tune, contacted derek and he fixed it for me for free! :thumbsup:

Great shop, friendly staff and I look forward to going back for a tune if I keep my car or get another k series for sure!
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