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Installing Stewart Warner Boost gauge

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Well, I'm test fitting my gauge for tomorrow's install, I'm coming across the problem where the clear tubing provided keep sliding out of the gauge, it just don't seem like it can sit in there snug.

I used all the fitting provided... anyone has this gauge that could provide some insight? thx
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i have this gauge and know what ur talking about...try some electrical tape
Can you make a strain-relief loop, then Hondabond the fitting?

I just find some local store that sells this kit, that way you don't need the fittings provided by SW.
Only 12USD to make life easier heh

Use our boost tubing kit to install your mechanical boost gauge. The kit includes 8' of our flexible tubing, a push-in fitting to connect the tubing to the gauge, and our restrictor T fitting to assure a clean signal.

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hey im running the same boost gauge and was curious do ur numbers light up at night, or just the perimeter of the gauge. idk if i installed it wrong and there suppose to light up but it sucks at night. i saw another stewart warner and the numbers were lit up on his.
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