All conditions are understated, All prices are firm
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Buy Everything for 2400

1. Red DC5R Recaro Seats: 1600
  • 7.5/10 overall
  • Passenger: One issue area on upper passenger bolster, slight deforming starting on lower bolster door side
  • Driver: One area of slight deformation on the lower bolster door side, some very small shredding of material behind fold down lever on rear of seat.
  • Comes with Rails/Sliders, missing one handle/adjustment bar comes off anyway
  • Come with seatbelt buckles and SRS harness
  • Clean, comfortable, in decent/enjoyable condition. These are not perfect seats, price reflects this.
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20230227_104809 by Alex Tank, on Flickr
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2. Black Interior Conversion: 850
  • Overall the set is 8.5/10
  • All parts come swapped from a 2005 Type S that had 54000 miles at the time [Except: Dash, gas door lever, hood release]
  • All parts vary in condition
  • All Roof parts and A Pillars were refinished with SEM Landua Black using appropriate listed prep method.
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  • Includes: Front - Entire Dash & Accessories, Steering Wheel, Center Console, Door Panels & Accessories, Lower Kick Panels, Lower Door Plates,
  • Includes: Rear - Seats, Seat Belt Buckles, Upper/Lower Side Panels, Seat Belts, Upper/Lower Hatch Panels, Hatch Carpet & Foam, Spare Tire Delete Foam, Privacy Cover
  • Includes: Roof - A Pillars, Headliner, Sunroof Cover, Interior Lights, Sun Visors, Rear View Mirror

-DOES NOT INCLUDE: Floor Mats, All Weather Mats, Carpet, Front Seats, Front Seat Belts, Airbags, Shift Knob, Mirror Cover

3. All Weather Mats: 250
  • 8.5/10 Condition
  • Front and Rear as a set
  • Fronts Used for 4 years of daily driving, Some glue-d on residue/spots on driver side
  • Rear has a silver streak, nail polish, other than that no blemishes

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20230227_100407 by Alex Tank, on

4. Mugen Mirror Cover: 50
  • Painted ABP (2002-2004 Type S Color), originally NHBP
  • Clear Coat Scuffs from accident, mirror was knocked off windsheild

20230220_174312 by Alex Tank, on Flickr