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Intermittent No Start: Need Help!!!!!

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If anyone can help greatly appreciated. I have a 2003 rsx base model 5sp.
I've recently run into trouble with my car randomly not starting but a couple of pumps of the clutch and turning the ignition and it used to fire up back then it would randomly happen maybe once in a month. Now that the problem is less intermittent and a regular thing it makes driving around almost impossible.

To give a bit of background, when it wouldnt start if you put jumpers on it, the car still wouldnt start (no crank no start). I would have to wait and hope it would come back on. We did a test and it came up the battery had a bad cell so we replaced it and it was fine for a whole day. The next day same issue, i had a friend come over and try and search out the problem with me, he determined it to be the black/white wire going to the starter solenoid it was just hanging inside the engine bay. As he tried to connect it the head of the wire broke, so we soldered a new wire to it and connected it. The issue was still there. However if one person dis-connects the head of the cable and reconnects it as someone else is turning the ignition the car will fire right up, and will continue to do so for about a day. Having someone play with the wire while someone turns the ignition or bump starting are the only ways to get the car to start after the no crank/no start. After this it will fire up for about a day until it does it again. Though yesterday when i tried to reproduce the symptoms it took me 2 full warm ups and 2 cool downs to get the car to not start. But as soon as i went to put a test light on it, it fired right back up. I'm stumped, i've taken it to a few shops and they said they cannot help me until the car doesnt turn on at all. Can anyone provide ideas?
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Starters can develop a dead spot on the commutator, so depending where it lands you can get this situation. Sometimes just hitting the starter will jar it. That's my guess as it's happened on other cars I've had.
Given that info, I would check the wires for continuity, and make sure full voltage on the hot wire. Or if possible, jump a hot wire to starter when not working. If the hot wire gets it to spin, then the starter is fine.
Not clear as to what re-tap means.
Little plastic piece on the back of clutch arm. It depresses a switch to let the system know the clutch is pressed. What about the push start, check all the wires.
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