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Hey. So I recently had some free time to give my car the winter prep detail which is ever so important up here in the great northwest. First off I'd like to thank those of you who post up your details/tips (Specifically but not limited to Milano, Got leather, Highrev) It really has helped me with my techniques and product selection. Anyway on to the good stuff. I didn't have any before pictures for a few reasons, the main being I don't have a great camera so it's hard to capture defects, especially on this color. My steps on this car were:

Wash with chemical guys citrus wash and gloss (two bucket method)
Clay with Meguiars fine grade clay and Dodo juice born slippy
2nd wash with ONR
Optimum poli-seal on orange pad with PC
Optimum opti-seal with red hand applicator
Optimum car wax
Tires with Optimum opti-bond tire gel
Rain-x on all glass surfaces
Poorboys trim restorer

Couple things I noticed. I clayed my car in the spring but after months of driving through road work areas to get to work each day there were tons of contaminants on the paint, espeicially the horizontal surfaces. Second, Poli-seal is an amazing product. I had light swirls so I didn't want to get too aggressive with the polishing, and this cleared up the vast majority. Alright enough talk. Enjoy.

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