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Is 2 quarts enough?

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I'm gonna buy some Amsoil Syncromesh for my Type S, but I just wanna make sure that 2 quarts is enough. It says in my owners manual that it holds 1.6 quarts for manual, but for automatic it holds 2.9. That's a big difference.

Just wanna see if 2 quarts is really enough. All I plan on doing is drain the old, put in the new.
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how many quarts do i need if i'm having my tranny rebuilt? any help
2 quarts will cover it if the entire trans has been flushed from the rebuild. You'll use the majority of the two containers, but don't necessarily need to use it all. I think Acura calls for 1.9 quarts.

Koolass said:
It shouldn't even hold 2 quarts, right? Since I'm just doing the drain/fill method, not flushing it out, I think it holds like 1.6 quarts then.
Correct. You'll use just a bit over 1.5 quarts. If you fill it to where it comes out the fill hole, you technically overfilled it, though it's not going to hurt anything physically, it will increase fluid drag a bit.
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