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Is 2 quarts enough?

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I'm gonna buy some Amsoil Syncromesh for my Type S, but I just wanna make sure that 2 quarts is enough. It says in my owners manual that it holds 1.6 quarts for manual, but for automatic it holds 2.9. That's a big difference.

Just wanna see if 2 quarts is really enough. All I plan on doing is drain the old, put in the new.
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AMSoil here also, didn't use all of 2 qts.

Amsoil is VERY worth it. Cleared up 2nd gear grinds and 3rd gear lockout for me. Not seen since *knock on wood*.
I'll be using this again, though tinkering with the idea of trying Redline.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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