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Hi everyone,

So long story short, when buying my aftermarket rims, I ended up with three good ones but one that has the wrong bolt pattern. I have the Buddy Club P1s, 17x7.5, in Gunmetal. I love these rims and have searched extensively but can't find a place that will just sell me a single wheel in the 114.3x5 bolt pattern that I need.
So, my last option is to try to mount this one wheel. It has the 110x5 bolt pattern, I believe. Is there any possible way of mounting it on my car? I was told by a shop that an adapter wouldn't work because the wheel studs aren't long enough, but I'd like a second opinion from people who know RSXs really well.
I have a 2002 type-S fwiw.


(Alternatively, if anyone knows of anyone looking to get a single Buddy Club P1 17x7.5, 114.3x5, in gunmetal off their hands, hmu. Hell, I'd even consider buying a pair.)
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