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**Update April 3rd, 2014** Well guess Ill drop an update for those curious...currently not driving the car and build has been put on hold as of now. Moved overseas at the end of 2013 and put the car back to NA, sold the Greddy kit and the car is currently sitting at my parents house. I plan to pick up the build once I get back but for the meantime I'll be taking a break from the honda scene.

Here are some of the pics of my car at Wekfest Texas 2013 right before I left. Photo cred to Joey Lee @Stickydiljoe, Southernfresh, Natsukashi Garage, Alex Contreras aka Flaker, Automedia, and Ashley Silva.

How the car looked the week before I left.

And the current whip/project car, 1984 Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex, just picked it up last weekend actually. Been wanting to experience RWD and hopefully will get around to a few track days. Plans are to just clean it up and slide it around lol. Nothing too crazy right now. Its a 30yr old car and in some areas, it shows so...little bit of a restoration project as well, although not sure what all I feel like doing to it at the moment, but we'll see. Thanks for looking!


Whats up CRSX...

Been a member here forever but only owned the car since 09'. Its a Milano Red 05 Type S, recently resprayed same oem Milano. (If you're in the San Antonio area and looking for a bodyshop, I would not take your car to Custom Coach Works, look elsewhere). Been my DD the entire time and this is where it is now. Still a work in progress but for now the build is being put on hold as I'll be moving to Japan at the end of this year and wont be taking the car with me. Here it is though, enjoy. :beerchug:

292 whp/250 ftlb
Greddy T517Z
Greddy FMIC/Charge pipes
Hallman MBC
Unforgettable Test Pipe
Natedogg 3" Downpipe
Junk2 Megapower RR
Walbro 255
Hasport 70A Mounts
Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail
Hybrid Racing Tucked Fuel Line
Mugen CF Spark Plug Cover
Mugen Radiator Cap
Mugen Oil Cap
Mugen Res Covers
Type Spaz shorty throttle cable
AEM Dryflow/K&N Breather Filters

BC BR Extreme Drop 10k/16k
Progress Rear Sway
Mugen Front Strut
Work VS-XX 17x9 +22
Hankook V12 Evo 245/40R17
McGard Gold Lugs

Honda Integra H badges
OEM JDM Visors
Vis TR Front Lip
Retrofit s2k projectors

Mugen Color Matched Mirror Cover
P-SPEC Short Shifter
AEM Digital AFR/Oil Pressure Gauge
Autometer Vac/Boost Gauge
Fi Audio Q 12"
AudioQue 1200D
Image Dynamics CTX65CS
Cadence ZRS1502

Photos by my homie Andrew Lin and myself.




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Wow that is CLEAN as F*CK!

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Been waiting for your showoff. Car looks immaculate :datass:

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Wow, that car is spotless. Everything looks like it just rolled straight out the factory.
Awesome job, props to you
Been waiting for your showoff. Car looks immaculate :datass:
it looks like engine paint but i could be wrong, did mine that way tho :)
Wow that is CLEAN as F*CK!
wow that is fresh
love this. red looks great.
Looks great dude, very similar to my NHBP, keep it up!
Soo clean
Thanks everyone, appreciate the love hah. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Nice!!! Did you coat your intake mani with something?
Yeah resprayed it with Duplicolor 1615 Aluminum.

Clean ride. In for a dyno sheet :thumbsup:
I posted my numbers Lol not making too much power in terms of turbo. I'll have to find my dyno sheet, its around here somewhere.
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